Tuesday, August 12, 2008

| vintage fever |

currently being absolutely obssessed with all things vintage, i went vintage charm hunting today and look what i found! it was love at first sight. i found the cameos of pretty ladies but there was no way for me to turn them into anything. so i had to hunt for the backings or frames or whatever you may wanna call it. i put them together and made a few charming necklaces.(:
i've got four variations here and i've named each after shakespearean heroines. (:

Status: 2 available

Titania's from shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream. The pendant measures 4cm by 3.5cm. The length of the chain is approximately 30cm--long enough to slip through your head yet not too awkwardly long that the pendant seems to be resting on you tummy. (:

Status: 2 available SOLD

Portia's from the play Merchant of Venice. Portia also measures 4cm by 3.5 cm. the length oft he chain is approximately 30cm. Portia's my favourite amongst them all cause it has the most vintagey feel to it. (:

Status: 2 available

Desdemona is the ever so pure and dainty heroine from the play Othello. The image on this pendant so aptly epitomizes Desdemona, i feel. The simple oval pendant measures 4cm by 3cm. The chain is a 30cm drop.

Status: 2 available

The ever so famous Juliet from Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet. The pendant measures 3cm by 2.5 cm. Part of chain is accentuated with pearls adding a more feminine touch to the whole necklace. The chain is an approximate 30cm drop.

if you wish to place an order for any of these necklaces please e-mail me at eshvanya@hotmail.com. ((:

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eshvanya 4:52 AM

Monday, August 11, 2008

| ladybugggggggggggs |

Status: currently 2 pairs available. will get more if response is good.
this is for everyone who has a weird obssession with ladybugs. haha. trust me, there really are such people. its made with acrylic leaves and glass ladybug beads. the ladybug even have feet painted on the underside! haha. cuuute. (:


eshvanya 5:26 PM

| delia |

Status: available
Delia is made from fimo. its a kinda clay that becomes spongy-ish after it dries.a simple pretty piece that's so springtime.(:

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eshvanya 5:31 AM

Sunday, August 10, 2008

| roza |

Status: 1 available
the rose is preeeety just like my lil niece, so this one's named after her. instead of the usual plain chain, towards the pendant i've used little hearts to form a chain and i'm thrilled with the result. a very bohemian feel necklace to go along with your flirty dresses! (:

[the colour is truer to that in the second pic.]


eshvanya 8:13 PM

| madhatter |

i'm super-duper excited! check it out, i designed this cap. its an ambigram of "rock/star". see one way up it reads "rock" and the other way it reads "star". i'm loving it!

i bought the cap at bugis(or far east alternatively). and i freehanded the design with fabric paint. i'm loving it!(: lalalala.
if you want customisations, do feel free to drop me an e-mail. prices and designs are negotiable. (:

eshvanya 5:39 AM

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

| skull charms |

made into:
A pair of earrings: SGD $5
Handphone charm: SGD $3
Charm bracelet: SGD $3 + SGD $1 for every charm used
Charm alone: $1 each

These skull charms were made with shrinky-dink which is a type of shrinkable plastic. All the skulls are hand-drawn by yours truly. (: this one's for all the goth lovers and anyone who has an obsession/fascination with skulls. haha.

you can choose whichever skull you want to be made into a pair of earrings, or handphone charms or even charm bracelets. and if you want, for the hp charms for instance i'll add beads and whatever else to make it more lively at no additional cost. to gauge the size of the charms, roughly think of charm no. SK2 to be the size of a 20cent coin.

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eshvanya 9:14 PM

Thursday, May 22, 2008

| vanji |

Status: Available
Vanji is a very delicate piece that is quite tedius to make but i had to do it anyways cos i knew it would turn out oh-so lovely! Its named after my dearest vanjitha for she loves all things turquoise and everything that's butterfly. (:

its made with turquoise wires threaded with azure and turquoise crystals and butterfly sequins. suspended in the middle is a turquoise bead.


eshvanya 8:52 AM

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

| shalz |

Status: 1 pair available
Shalini! This one's for youuu! Cos it's all purple and gold and so very you. haha. (:
Its made with purple beads topped with gold filigree that makes it look like a berry with leaves. i liike. (:
i apologise for the not so clear pics cos my camera sucks.-__-


eshvanya 9:02 PM

Monday, May 19, 2008

| lonestarr |

Status: 1 pair available
I'm loving this earrings! A pair i had intentionally made for myself but unfortunately for me, hoops and hoop-like earrings don't work well with me. so i is forced to sell it cos i'm sure it'll suit someone else out there better. (:
its made with gold hoops threaded with gold beads and faux black crystals. suspended in the middle of the hoop is a gold star charm. i lurrve starrs. (:


eshvanya 9:13 AM




you can e-mail me at eshvanya@hotmail.com or click HERE to send me a message thru' friendster to place your orders.

Transactions: i could mail you the item(s) or we could meet up to transact in person but only at my convenience. for items that are to be mailed there'll be an additional charge of $2.
Payments can be made through funds transfer to my POSB Savings account or send me concealed cash(at your own risk).


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